Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow Innertubing

Cody, Hunter, Blake & Amber

Mariah, Natalie, Michayla, Jeff, Cody


Troy and Cody

Mariah, Granny Jo and Natalie

Granny Jo

Mariah, Natalie and Amber

Jeff and Blake

Cody and Blake

Mariah and Michelle



Jodi, Brent and Allyson


Granny Jo


Troy and Michayla


Sunday Activities at the Mud House


Cambree, Mariah, Natalie, Amber, & Cody

Spencer and Jeremy

Kendra and Kelyn

Granny Jo and Grandmother

Jodi, Julie, and Hunter

Brent, Isaac, Natalie, & Blake


Mariah, Michelle, & Michayla

Michayla, Jeff, & Amber

Brent and Isaac

Keith, Jodi, & Natalie

Keith and Jodi

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Keith, Jeremy and Troy

Keith and Jeff

Keith and Jodi

Horse Riding



Allyson and Brent

Tyelee and Jen

Friday, December 26, 2008

Mud House Activities

Michelle and Julie

Kendra--teaches everyone how to crochet.


Amber, Tyelee, Michayla

Jodi and Troy

Michelle, Allyson, Kendra and Isaac
Kendra and Isaac

Jeff, Troy and Jodi

From left to right: Michayla, Mariah, Natalie, Hunter and Amber
Aunt Kendra taught all of this crew how to use looms to crochet. Even Hunter took time to learn how to use the looms. Good times :-) !!

Christmas Day Eve Carroling

Troy and Amber
On Christmas Day Eve, we jumped onto the back of the horse-drawn-trailer and carroled with other ward missionaries and their families. It was a COLD night, but the singing was beautiful! We sang to families along the backroads of Snowflake and made sure to sing to those in the Snowflake Nursing Home.

Troy, Amber, and Jodi

Amber, Julie and Jeff

Julie and Jeff